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Star Wars BB8 droid toy tipped to be in short supply come December

The Sphero Star Wars droid BB-8 – get one while you can

Technology has without doubt changed the way we live, the way we work and the way we have fun. There are many things that we can do now that we didn’t even think possible just two decades ago, and modern technology has finally merged to create the ultimate toy. A toy that is going to appeal to kids and adults who are fans of star wars. The Droid BB-8 is a Bluetooth enabled robot that you control with your phone or tablet. This is the beginning of a whole new era of high-tech toys.
The first thing you will notice about this droid is that it has a head that is completely detached from the central sphere, but it’s always going to be at the top while it rolls, which is pretty amazing in itself. It’s hard to describe this, but once you see it in motion, you will know what we mean. It comes with an application that you can install on your Android or Apple iOS system.

Once you start the droid, you will be amazed at how much personality it has. Without you even using the app to command the droid, you will find that it’s always curious and looking around to see what is going on. This droid comes with all kinds of controls, and it will even scout around your home. BB-8 is going to be one of the new additions to the star wars universe in the movie that will be released in December this year, and that is one of the reasons why this toy is going to be such a sensation. The technological achievements that it features are also quite appealing.

BB-8 will also recognize your voice and answer to commands. It has autonomous movement, and it will display virtual holographic videos with your smartphone or Tablet. This makes it a very high tech and a perfect toy that performs much better than people expect. The video that showed the BB-8 Sphero toy for the first time didn’t do it justice. You will be blown away by the gyroscopic propulsion that it uses.

You can expect a whole lot of fun with the BB-8 Droid, and it will be the perfect present to give to any hardcore Star Wars fan, but it will also be an excellent gift for anyone who enjoys technology in general. This is a cool gadget in the eyes of people who are not fans, but to those who have followed the new movie and the trailers that have come out, this is going to be a real gem to own.

It’s very likely that supplies will run out due to the incredibly high demand that the toy has, and it’s quite obvious at this point that the toy will be a top seller for this holiday season. All you need is to own a smartphone or Tablet to fully experience what this droid can do, and you will love the futuristic and extremely responsive toy that has already captured the hearts of a vast number of people of all ages.

Order yours as soon as possible because you might not be able to find any by mid-December, and you don’t want your family to miss out on having the BB-8 under the Christmas tree this year. We guarantee that everyone is going to love this little guy, and you will have him running around your home as soon as you get him all charged up.

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